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Helpie FAQ

  • When will i get paid?
    For your first sale, Tonebay initiates your payout 1-2 business days following confirmation of delivery. Once you have provided shipping information or alerted us that the item has been collected, your order will show as 'completed' at that point, the funds minus commission and payment processing fees will be disbursed to your designated account.
  • Do i have to ship my items?
    Not at all, you can arrange local delivery if you do not have the means to ship your item to your customer
  • How do i list an item for sale?
    To list an item you have to become a seller, simply sign up here Select "I am a vendor" and begin listing your items.  
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  • Do i pay commission on my sale?
    It is completely free to list your music gear on Tonebay, upon completion of sale we take a 5% commission on the order value +payment processing fees of 1.5% - Payment processing fees are out of our control. We are working to lower this this in the near future.